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ZUMMERTEX is a textile company based in Istanbul. We are engaged in business activities on the promotional and boutique textile products market. Thanks to the experience we have gained throughout 20 years in these sectors, we became a versatile company which has the ability to adapt to any kind of customer request with innovative strategies and a vast range of products that we offer. So we have acquired a large and unique portfolio of clients from key sectors worldwide.

Our range of products is simply unending and we can always find a smart fit to suit every budget and quantity. We consider ourselves as an image partner and producer which suggest reasonable price/earnings solutions.

All of our semi-products i.e. fabrics are manufactured by suppliers that comply with internationally accepted workplace standards such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX and comply with all safety and environmental regulations like BSCI, SEDEX.

We produce textile items, all of which can be branded with your own logo and details such as jackets, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, scarves, towels, aprons, trousers, evening clothes, underwear, working clothes, and also a range variety of bags including shopping bags and elegant laptop bags etc. made from denim, canvas, gabardine, pique, combed cotton and fleece.

Our aim is to ensure that doing everything diligently. Because we strongly believe that successfully fulfilled jobs and long-term partnerships lead us to be more successful in the sector against our competitors internationally. 

We pride in our team of experienced professionals, who can adapt to the latest market trends and find environment-friendly solutions for creating promotional products. Our innovative team generates high-quality visual presentations to meet the opinion of our customers for every project. Additionally, we offer you the latest printing technologies and embroidery techniques.

Our essentials are differentiation, punctuality, quality, and satisfaction of clients.



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