About Us

Our Company is a Textile Company based in Istanbul. The capital of our Company is:1.000.000 euro, the turnover of our company is approximately: 24.000.000 euro and the number of employee around 47 people. We are engaged in Professional business activities on the promotional and boutique creation products market. Diversity of our products as well as our expertise in the Textile Market for more than 20 years , we have been able to acquired a large and unique portfolio of clients in key sectors. I.e cosmetics, sports,food sector, automotive and industry etc., and all over Europe. Also we have a good business relationship with our European clients. Promotion and boutique textiles are our main business, regarding to this; within our innovative strategies we became a versatile company which has ability to adapt with any kind of customer’s request.

We have been manufacturing jackets,t-shirts,polo shirts,caps,scarves,tovels,aprons,trausers, evening clothes,underwear,working clothes etc., made of denim, canvas,caberdin,pique,combed cotton,fleece for men,women and children. We are stil improving our product line . We believe in keeping customers happy and the satisfaction of our clients very important for us. In this context, providing to the customers with their desired products at very competitive prices and that would certainly serve them during their textile events and seasons is important too.

Therefore, we are in the position of to produce and offer a wide range of Textile articles to our clients. Some of our references are Pernod Ricard,Samsung,Coca Cola,Honda,Socar,Apple,Victorinox We are expecting your quotation inquiries as well as your most valuable orders.

The key words of our policy: COMPETITIVE PRICES, PUNCTUALITY,QUALITY, SATISFACTION OF CLIENTS . Please feel free to contact us for any further request or inquiry. We are looking forward to have best business relationship together with success for all concerned